Paul Doiron Books in Order

Paul Doiron Books in Order

Paul Doiron, an accomplished author in the crime fiction genre, has captivated readers with his compelling narratives set against the rugged backdrop of Maine. His renowned series featuring the character Mike Bowditch has gained widespread popularity and critical acclaim for its gripping plots and authentic portrayal of the Maine wilderness.

Paul Doiron Books in Order

  1. The Poacher’s Son (2010): Introducing Mike Bowditch, a game warden with a troubled past, this debut novel follows him as he investigates his estranged father’s involvement in a poaching case.
  2. Trespasser (2011): Mike faces a challenging case involving a controversial land development project, leading to a complex web of intrigue and danger.
  3. Bad Little Falls (2012): The discovery of a dead body in a peaceful town sets off a chain of events that tests Mike’s resolve and exposes the dark secrets of the community.
  4. Massacre Pond (2013): Mike navigates the treacherous world of Maine’s poaching trade while uncovering a sinister plot that threatens the delicate balance of nature.
  5. The Bone Orchard (2014): A mysterious plane crash in the wilderness sets the stage for a gripping tale of survival and corruption.
  6. The Precipice (2015): Mike’s commitment to justice is tested as he delves into a case involving environmental activists and corporate interests.
  7. Widowmaker (2016): Mike investigates a series of mysterious deaths in the Maine woods, uncovering a conspiracy that hits close to home.
  8. Knife Creek (2017): A missing hiker and a cold case converge, pushing Mike to confront his own demons and solve a haunting mystery.
  9. Stay Hidden (2018): While investigating a celebrity author’s disappearance, Mike unravels a twisted tale of fame, deception, and murder.
  10. Almost Midnight (2019): Mike faces personal and professional challenges, navigating a case that intertwines with his own troubled history.
  11. One Last Lie (2020): A complex case involving arson and murder forces Mike to confront the shadows of his past.
  12. Dead by Dawn (2021): Mike races against time to solve a series of murders that threaten to engulf the tight-knit community he serves.
  13. Hatchet Island (2022): The idyllic setting of an island conceals dark secrets, and Mike must unravel the truth amidst a storm of danger.
  14. Dead Man’s Wake (2023): Mike is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, facing a formidable adversary who tests his limits.
  15. Pitch Dark (Expected: June 25, 2024): Anticipation builds as readers await the next thrilling installment in the series.

Novellas in the Mike Bowditch Series

  1. The Bear Trap (2014): A short but intense narrative exploring a dangerous trap in the Maine wilderness.
  2. Rabid (2018): Mike encounters a rabid fox, setting off a chain of events that leads to a broader investigation.
  3. Backtrack (2019): A glimpse into Mike’s past sheds light on the events that shaped him into the man he has become.
  4. The Imposter (2019): Mike grapples with the challenges of identity and deception in this intriguing novella.
  5. The Caretaker (2021): A mysterious caretaker becomes the center of a dark and unsettling tale.
  6. Skin and Bones (2022): Mike faces a chilling case involving a missing person and a gruesome discovery.
  7. Snakebit (2023): A snakebite sets off a chain of events that unravels a hidden danger in the Maine wilderness.


The Mike Bowditch series by Paul Doiron seamlessly weaves together crime fiction, the rugged beauty of Maine, and the complexities of the human experience. With each installment, readers are treated to a mix of suspense, intricate plots, and a protagonist whose depth evolves with every challenge he faces. If you’re a fan of crime fiction or have a penchant for stories set in the wild landscapes of Maine, exploring Paul Doiron’s Mike Bowditch series is a must. Join the journey through the Pine Tree State and experience the thrilling world of one of the genre’s standout series.

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